How much to invest?

Calculate how much energy you use and your CO2 emissions equivalent to know the investment recommended in the project to compensate them.


Now you can subscribe your participations in the project Living in the project Living from the air of the sky.  
To participate in the project Living from the air of the sky you have to be an individual, a family or an entity with legal personality, preferably non-profit. Calculate here the recommended participation

Subscription of shares


Fill in the amount of capital you plan to invest in the project. Indicate your preferred method of payment and we soon contact you to process the payment.

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From this calculation system you can find out how much energy you use in your daily life and the investment you should make in the project to generate the energy you use.

From the result you have to take into account that 1 share = 700 € (to generate 1,000 kWh/year, for 20 years, at the chosen site and with the chosen wind turbine).

How much energy do you use in everyday life?


The amount of energy you use is

Electricity 0kWh/year
Gas 0kWh/year
Travels 0kWh/year
TOTAL 0kWh/year

The avoided CO2 emissions are

Electricity 0kg CO2/year
Gas 0kg CO2/year
Travels 0kg CO2/year
TOTAL 0kg CO2/year

Investment you should make to:

Generate the electric energy

0Euros 0Shares

Generate the equivalent to the consumption of thermal energy

0Euros 0Shares

Generate the equivalent energy consumption associated with displacement

0Euros 0Shares

Generate the electric and the thermic energy

0Euros 0Shares

Generate the electric and thermic energy and the associate to travels

0Euros 0Shares
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