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Who can participate

Who can participate in the project Living from the air of the sky?


Use this form for any further information you may need about the project. We will contact you as soon as possible:

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Privacy Policy

Any individual, family or non-profit NGO can participate in the project, providing financial amount corresponding to the number of shares available to be decided. The project is also open to participation by small businesses who wish to contribute to the democratization of energy systems.
The minimum investment to participate in the project will be required to generate 1,000 kWh/year of clean and green electricity. From this small investment, you can make higher investments, always in amounts that are integer multiples of the minimum investment.
Investment, that each person and/or family wants to do, can be calculated from its current level of consumption of electricity, heat and energy for motorized travel.
An example
A family that has a domestic energy consumption of 20,950 kWh/year, Which investment should meet their energy needs for electricity, heating and transport?

Energy consumption for
a family in one year
Necessary investment to generate
the amount of energy with the wind-turbine
3.100 kWh (862 kg CO2)
2,169 €
7.850 kWh (1.565  kg CO2)
5,493 €
10.000 kWh (2.527 kg CO2)
6,998 €
20.950 kWh (4.954 kg CO2)
14,660 €

This means that if this family invest € 14,660 in the shared ownership of wind turbine, the family can say that she has generated all the energy she needs from the equivalent in electricity produced by the wind turbine. Therefore, the family must also offset her greenhouse gases emissions, reducing them to zero. And so, during the lifetime of the turbine (over 20 years!).


Calculate the recommended investment according to your energy needs

Eolpop, SL

Cal Sastre
Bústia Verda Núm. 22
Sant Hilari Sacalm
17403 - Girona
Tel. +34 932420157